IVT ClearSpace Powered by Prevent X Innovative Anti- Bacterial and Virus Protection


ClearSpace is an innovative solution for use in any Public, Private or Domestic workspace is highly effective in controlling the spread of viruses, including COVID 19.

It can be used on,






Glass-Wood-Plastic-Metal-Painted Surfaces

ClearSpace is simply applied either by direct applying with a microfibre cloth, spraying or fogging, in order to treat an entire area. It is effective for up to 90 days and is simple and quick to apply.

ClearSpace compliments ongoing cleaning regimes and is not affected by normal cleaning or disinfecting

ClearSpace is available in premixed 1 litre spray bottles, or 5 and 20 litre containers

ClearSpace powered by Prevent X is an established product in Aviation, Rail, Bus, Office, Workshop and Health Care Facilities

ClearSpace a cost-efficient way to improve safety against bacteria and viruses

For further information ClearSpace@ivt-ltd.co.uk or call

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