Forward Facing CCTV System

Our OmniView forward facing CCTV system has been developed in co-operation with a leading TOC (Train Operating Company) to identify incidents and accidents occurring within the path of the vehicle. the system records in real time the events witnessed by the driver. The recorded data can provide evidence in the case of collision, suicide, signals passed at red, foliage obstructing signals, vandalism, flooding, track conditions etc

The system also records GPS data which allow vehicle position, speed and direction information to be transmitted to a remote location via the use of a GSM/GPRS/3G module allowing tracking in real time.

OmniView Features include

Hardware Features

The video footage is securely encrypted onto the recording unit and is only viewable with OmniView. This ensures footage cannot be seen during the transfer of the data, or by any unauthorised personnel. Once retrieved the recorded data is loaded into OmniView Workstation, our analysis software. The drivers route can then be reviewed.




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